Jann Stein

concert harpist

Jann Stein is a harp performer and teacher in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region. Listen to a sample of her music and contact her for more information through her website.


Jann teaches private traditional harp lessons for beginners to advanced students, young and old, for both lever harp and pedal harp. Each student comes with different abilities, so lessons are tailored to meet the needs of each individual.  Most styles of music are incorporated into the lessons: classical, Celtic, sacred, etc.  Harp lessons are weekly at 30, 45 or 60 minutes long; the 45 and 60 minute lessons prove to be most beneficial.  Jann believes technique is very important in building a good foundation to one's playing ability and sound, so time is spent on technique at each lesson. Jann encourages her students to prepare for the MN Chapter of the American Harp Society Music Education Auditions in the spring.  Additionally, her student recital takes place in late spring.  This includes solo and ensemble pieces.  Playing for these events allows each student to perfect their music to be able to perform for others.


"Jann Stein is a wonderful harp teacher for students, young and old alike.  Her impeccable technique and attention to detail allow her to help each student achieve the best sound possible and be the best harpist possible.  Her vast knowledge of music and music theory mean that she can sit with a student to help them learn pieces ranging from classical, jazz, ragtime, Celtic or popular favorites in an instant and make it look easy and feel easy!"
"Jann is well versed in not just the technical aspects of harp, but the musicality of it as well.  She helps students achieve dynamics and passion in playing to truly make the instrument come alive.  Her problem solving is invaluable. When a student struggles with a particular technique or passage of music, she knows just how to break the problem down so that it becomes manageable and so the seemingly insurmountable is suddenly possible."
"Her prices are very reasonable and her recitals create a warm and friendly environment amongst the students. Jann is a patient, attentive, supportive and giving teacher. I have been taking lessons with her for almost five years and have learned so much from her."  -DBM